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Designer Carmen West and her husband, Jordan, own Little & Lively, are the dream team behind this clothing business. “I use the term 'dream team”, says Carmen, “because Jordan's skills and strengths tend to be most of my weaknesses - and vice-versa.” Together, they compliment each other.

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Building A Hub for Moms

“We build consumer trust in the Little & Lively brand through unique and specific original content crafted for the target audience.”

Little & Lively created a hub for moms to communicate. Chat rooms and internet forums have died off - and for conversations online, most of it is taking place on brand Facebook pages. Little & Lively’s fanbase, mainly consisting of mothers, come to Lively’s Facebook Page for advice, blog posts and a community vibe.

Retaining Clients with Content They Need

“We’re endlessly researching and generating strong content that gets their attention with topical issues that foster conversation.”

On Facebook, their organic goal is to provide content that will be relevant to the audience - in this instance, moms 25-40. They offer consistently relevant content so that when someone later sees an ad for Little & Lively clothing, they already know that the company enriches their lives and aren’t just out to sell them something.

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Their Solution

“We concentrate on holidays, which resonate with parents for a variety of reasons.”

Little & Lively’s Facebook account expertly and wisely focuses on topics that are specifically interesting for their mom followers, especially informational posts that get a high engagement rate: baby care advice, health tips and lifehacks.

“Promorepublic rocked our social media world,” says Carmen. “We now use PromoRepublic for all our digital marketing work. We use them to see what’s trending, topical or holiday-focused and can capitalize on to build our following.”

She adds: “There are really endless ideas. Whether it’s posts for contests or quote posts, I can find almost anything I need, and If I can’t, I can edit it.”

Reaching Success

Our monthly sales can be traced directly back to what we’re doing on social media.

• Post Engagement Increase - 46,938+

• Followers Increase - 1,905+

• Time Spent on Post Creation - 4 hours a week

Facebook screen
Facebook screen

Tips and hints for beginners

Our biggest tip for someone starting out in digital marketing is to see what’s working for other businesses. Don’t copy-paste their content, of course, but learn what your ideal audience is and what gets them talking and sharing content. Is it memes? How-to articles? Polls? Social media is just a big online party or conversation. Generate content that inspires your audience and people will respond accordingly.

“Promorepublic rocked our social media world. We now use PromoRepublic for all our digital marketing work. We use them to see what’s trending, topical or holiday-focused and can capitalize on to build our following.’”

Carmen West

Owner at Little & Lively

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