Followers increase on Facebook


Post Engagement increase
(Likes & Comments)

5 min

Time Spent on Post Creation

Their Story

“We eat, sleep and breathe flowers every day. It’s who we are and what we do. We love it and are excited to showcase our works to the world.”

Fortunately for them, color and design trends change every season allowing them the freedom to change things up all the time. There is no denying how flowers make people feel, but the pleasure they get from satisfying their customers is even a better high, which is how you would want your florist or any local business to be!

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Their Goal

Attract new clients and increase sales in-store and online.

Traditional advertising in magazines and TV was the norm for them, as it is for many a small business. Since directing their marketing efforts to Social Media, it has completely altered their marketing plan and business. More people are talking about their flower shop and more customers are finding them online and “in-store”.

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Their Solution

Saves us Time, Money & “Headaches” - PromoRepublic is our SAVIOR!

Between buying flowers, trimming them, assembling them and dealing with clients - they don’t have time to sit at a computer and create posts. With just a few clicks, they have weeks and months planned in advance. They are over the moon with the quality of the visuals. They pointed out how easy it is for them to showcase their own photos and use the Graphic Editor for added “bling”. It was decidedly a major plus for them.

Sweet Success

Since signing up for PromoRepublic, their Facebook and Instagram have grown exponentially. More and more traffic is heading to IG and with the ease of the PromoRepublic publishing app, their images roll out on a daily basis. The option of using stickers on their images has doubled their excitement for the app. No other app allows this! They mentioned how appreciative their followers are over these small but poignant details.

After all, it’s all about the happiness of the client! While IG is on a high right now, we mustn’t set aside the FB Business Page as this is the first place where their potential clients still search.

• Followers Increase - 53% for FB, 67% for IG
• Post Engagement increase - 20% of Followers Like & Comment
• Time Spent on Post Creation - 5-10 mins per post
Facebook screen
Facebook screen

Monthly budget on Facebook ads/post boosts

$50-$100 depending on Holidays

Monthly number of leads to our website from Social Media

400-500 visits a month

“Since signing up for PromoRepublic our Facebook and Instagram have grown exponentially. While more and more traffic is heading to IG, it is still important to have a FB business page as this is the first place where a potential client will search.”

Angelo Lo Dico

Owner at Fleuriste San Remo

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