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Post Engagement Spike

5 min/post

Time Management

Beyond Up Close
And “Personnel”

“Your posts can be about anything - educating, helping, advising - except straight-up selling. That’s the only dealbreaker.”

PromoRepublic are key members of their marketing team. “They’re on our side, concerned about making our business run professionally, and they’re highly experienced in one of the world’s most competitive fields. We know that, on Facebook, your business page is the only way to reach out to and build trust with customers.”

Facebook screen
Facebook screen

Putting the CEO
“Face First” - in Videos

“Posting polished, arresting visuals is great, but the customer wants to emotionally relate to the person behind the scenes.”

On average, video posts got 40 to 50% higher engagement. No wonder video content is king! GEX Management says: “The most popular posts on our page are short, educational videos. We put together one- or two-minute-long videos starring our own CEO.”

Turning Customers
into Friends Through
Chummy Dialogue

“We decided that our CEO, Carl Dorvil, should be this person. He knows the business best, so we just let the camera roll and waited for the magic.”

Educational videos do perform exceptionally well on social media. PromoRepublic asks: “What do your customers want to learn?,” hit record, then boom, we get something genuine, helpful and with the potential for followers to start sharing and talking about in the comments.

They draw up an extensive and interesting list of questions their target audience has asked them. Then, they had Carl pontificate on them and they pulled out the most impactful segments to make these clips.

Facebook screen

From 300 Relevant Fans
to Over 15,000

“Entertain and inform fans with every piece of content”

GEX adds: “We signed up for PromoRepublic because their monthly content calendar and Facebook Ads templates were really promising - and, as it turns out, we grew our following from 300 relevant fans to over 15,000 in under months. We recently hit that threshold and popped the champagne when we heard!

“We achieved that milestone,” they added, “By following the PromoRepublic dictum that ‘every post should entertain and inform fans.’”

To help GEX Management succeed, PromoRepublic introduced them to the 40/30/20/10 rule:
•10% funny curated posts
•20% of the content was about GEX (promotions)
•30% educational and informational content
•40% engaging and Holiday posts

Creative and Invigorating Ideas for Every Industry

“We turn to PromoRepublic’s content library when we have a creative block”

PromoRepublic stocks a “post library” full of relevant ideas for each business. “Sometimes,” says GEX, “It’s hard to come up with content ideas, especially when we’re dealing with so many clients of our own. That’s why we turn to PromoRepublic’s content library when we have a creative block. It’s full of awesome ideas for all kinds of industries, including, surprisingly, HR and payroll and all these other aspects of what we do. And we adapt their templates to what we’re doing and voila - original content!”

Facebook screen
Facebook screen

Sweet Success

• Post Engagement Spike - average post engagement increased 66% since we started using PromoRepublic. (We use the native Facebook Insights platform and other post data to calculate these monthly figures.)

• Followers Increase - from 300 to 15,000 in less than six months

“Before discovering PromoRepublic, we were spending 10 or 15 minutes per post - and that was just for basic visual content - using Canva for design and Hootsuite for scheduling finished posts. Once we starting working with PromoRepublic, we were suddenly spending no more than 5 minutes on it.”

Carl Dorvil

CEO at GEX Management

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